Mark Webber is a self-taught photographer from Alberta, Canada. Raised in the hamlet of Gleichen, he has a personal connection to the landscape represented throughout his work. Mark locates the majority of his subjects by travelling the rural highways surrounding southern Alberta. Focusing on the loneliness found in rural life and infrastructure, he captures how the harshness of the land transforms the ordinary into a new perspective of desolation and decay. He currently resides in Rocky View County, Alberta.

"Mark Webber truly captures the essential qualities of the desolate highway. Foretold and pioneered by William Eggleston and then carried on by Wim Wenders, it is now a subject matter one has frequently seen; if through photography or watching the classic American Road-Trip unravel on the big screen. However, Mark Webber shows us his own unique take and glimpse into the harshly cold province Alberta, Canada. Far from the heat of Texas, Marks photos convey the mysterious early and late moments on the piercing, sub zero lonesome highway." - Henry Palling, Lenz Agency

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